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Updated: 2002-07-16

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About DancePerfect

The first version of Dance Perfect was developed more than 15 years ago.
At that time in Pascal for PC under MS-DOS. Since then the program has
been transferred to Windows and is today a modern Object Oriented Program
written in C++. The program runs under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000
and NT.

The program can handle most things around a dance competition like:

Defining all the classes
Entering all the couples
Setting the start numbers
Defining the time schedule
Time calculation
Exporting the startlists and time schedule in HTML format
Printing number signs
Printing start lists
Printing heat lists
Printing adjudicators sheets
Entering the marks
Printing the marks and the list of qualified couples
Calculate the final result up to rule 11
Printing the result lists for all classes
Exporting all results and marks to text and HTML files.

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